Our projects

List of projects we accomplished:  

 Project of "Agrotrade " company regional branch;

 Distance and flexible learning program for Bachelor Degree in Management: program structure, implementation strategy;

 "Youth resource for city development" project;

 Strategy games series "The activity model of the city "," Projects of Togliatti city development";

 Program for developing regional centers of scientific and technical information;

 Management training program and other innovative technology programs of personnel training;

 System of managers training for Territorial Development, Kaliningrad city;

 Projects and programs for educational center of management skills;

 Project "Managing your professional career ";

 Strategy development for AVTOVAZBANK group;

 Personnel program for AVTOVAZBANK group;

 "Social Policy of the Russian Federation 2030" project;

 "Social development programs and industrial policy of Russia" project;

 "Personnel for city education system" project;

 Developing the " Agrobusiness " training program of additional professional education for Samara State Academy of Agriculture commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Samara region ;

 Simulation games " Family: Investing in the Future" developed for Russian Innovation educational forum " Seliger -2008";

 Training on "Building your career" developed for Russian Innovation educational forum " Seliger -2008" ;

 Project- analytic sessions "Development of HR program for United Engine Corporation ", " Russian Helicopters: personnel support of the project (life cycle of helicopter )";

 Design and development of educational infrastructure "United Engine Corporation ( UEC ) " commissioned " Corporate University JSC" OPK " Oboronprom" ;

 "Volga cluster Automotive University" project- MBA training sessions: " The concept of Russian management model ", " Forms and tools of management thinking ", " Business development projects in the city and regions ", "Marketing to promote projects ";

 Project of Academy monthly newspaper, projecting editorial board work;

 Projecting and conducting municipal business sessions "Program of transformation mono industrial city into the city with normal functioning and development

(by the example of Togliatti city )";

 Projecting the Togliatti session in the III Inter-regional economic forum " Samara Initiative: cluster policy as the basis of innovative development of national economy ";

 Projecting the Championship in simulation games;

 Simulation game "Event management ";

 Project for restructuring ALYE PARUSA health center in the modern recreational and educational center;

Summer Foresight-camp «Samara region 2034», «Samara region 2035»;

Developing the city Pre-Work Training program for secondary school students; 

Developing the city program «Elementary managerial training»; 

Developing the project «Multi-language training platform to join international teams»; 

The project «English-language website about Samara»;  

International team internship program (Russia-India)