5 TAoM comfortable buildings are located in ecological zone not far from Togliatti near the greatest Russian river — Volga, which makes the countryside truly scenic. 

Togliatti history goes back as far as 1737. Construction of the Volga Hydroelectric Power plant in the 1950s and the Volga Automotive plant in 1970s stimulated vigorous growth of the city and boosted its economy and infrastructure. 

Currently with population over 740,000 people, Togliatti is the second largest city in Samara Region, being an international automotive and chemical industry hub, where such major federal projects as the Special Economic Zone «Togliatti» and Hi-Tech Park «Zhiguli Valley» are developed.

The climate here is quite comfortable: mildly cold winters together with warm and sunny summers.


The library and information complex has existed since 1991.

The «Electronic documents» section of the catalog contains full-text versions of publications of teachers of the Togliatti Academy of Management.

Educational, methodological and scientific manuals used in the educational process.

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Sport facilities

Fitness training is given a significant place in the educational process in TAoM. Due to that, the psychophysical readiness of the manager is formed to act in difficult situations, to work at the limit of his capabilities, as long as it takes to achieve the goals.

TAoM has a developed sports infrastructure, including such facilities as:

  • - Gym.
  • - Shaping room.
  • - Well-equipped place for air shooting training.
  • - Outdoor sports ground with special rubber coating «Tapping».
  • - Large sports hall.
  • - Swimming pool.

Café /canteen 

TAoM café is distinguished by a diverse menu with the presence of vegetarian and vegan dishes — a reflection of popular trends in the gastronomic sphere. There are hot dishes and drinks for every taste. Cafe prices are reasonable and adequate. The team of chefs works smoothly and quickly. The main task is to cook quickly, efficiently, while delicious and very inexpensive. Surely, home-cooked dishes became an ideal position on the menu: various soups, cutlets and salads, fragrant pizza and sweet pastries, a variety of juices and cocktails.

Medical service

A medical office in TAoM is a specialized medical service where systematic planned medical care is carried out for students and teaching staff. 

This concept includes such activities as vaccination, tuberculin diagnostics, medical tests, first aid.

Practice and Internship Center

The organization of work on the employment of students and graduates of the Togliatti Academy of Management is entrusted to the Center for Practice and Internship. The staff of the center conduct personal work with students, assisting in building a professional trajectory.

Tel.: (8482) 60-70-13, 62-26-83
Fax: (8482) 60-74-56 

About the internship and internship system

The educational process at the Togliatti Academy of Management is characterized by the following principle: «Learning to do something is possible only by doing it.» That is why the technology of practical training includes internships and practice work for all students of the Academy.

The first access to real jobs takes place after the first year: TAoM students undergo a four-week functional internship during the summer holidays. Their task is to master the procedures and operations necessary for a particular workplace; understanding and designating the purpose of the work done, their results.

In January, in the second year of study, each student undergoes a four—week technical internship, the purpose of which is to analyze the order, forms of organization and problems of functioning of the structural unit of the organization where the workplace is located; analysis of professional techniques, techniques and tools.

After 2 years of study, students leave for professional practice — they work during the day, and continue to study in the evening. The goals and objectives of professional practice become more complicated: the student must get a permanent job that provides for the performance of managerial functions; make a technological description of the activity; develop a development project for the structural unit of the organization (if possible, for the entire organization).

The last stage of TAoM practical training is the pre-graduate practice, which 4th-year students undergo as part of the preparation of the final qualifying work. Diploma thesis developed by students is based on the material of their professional activity in a particular organization.

The system of internships and practice work allows you to enter professional activity long before graduation, gain a foothold in the workplace and accumulate practical work experience by the end of training. The TAoM aim is to help students to «find their vocation» by giving them the opportunity to try themselves in the professional field and promote the direction of internships /practice work in accordance with the professional aspirations of students.