Information on the entry of foreign students

According to the information from the Emergency Response Centre for preventing the import and spread of the novel coronavirus infection in Russia (the document of 27.08.2021 No. 18) foreign students from all the foreign states, regardless the renewal of the air travel between Russia and foreign states, have the opportunity to enter the Russian Federation after including them into the Russian border crossing citizens’ lists.

Step 1

Foreign students who are currently abroad, namely:

Citizens of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova.

Visa-requiring foreigners (including Turkmenistan) and stateless persons having valid visa (validity – at least 45 days at the time of the state border crossing), should fill out the arrival form and send it to with enclosed scanned copy of passport (mentioned in the form) and scanned copy of a valid visa.

The arrival form needs to be sent by all the foreign students who plan to enter the country for studies, including those who have sent the arrival form before but have not entered the Russian Federation.

Step 2 

If you need an entry visa, please, apply for the visa invitation

Please, find the information on submission the application for the visa invitation here. The application for the visa invitation and all the necessary for it documents are to be sent to

Once you get the visa invitation, without waiting for a visa, you need to inform the university on the expected entry date by sending an email to with filled arrival form.

Step 3 

You should wait until you get the confirmation letter on being added to the RF border crossing lists. It will be sent to your email which was used for sending the filled arrival form.

Attention! The fact of being included in the RF border crossing list shall not be a guarantee of you crossing the border, in case there are any other reasons preventing from it (the absence of visa, etc.).

Step 4  

After purchasing a ticket, please, inform the Academy on the exact entry date by sending an email to for a check-in process in the Academy dormitories.

Step 5  

No earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving to Russia, take a PCR-based COVID-19 test and, if the result is negative, receive a supporting document in Russian or English in your country.

In emergency situations

Contact the Hotline of the Situation Center of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation: +7 (495) 1980000, e-mail 

Use «103» phone number for an emergency call (for calling from a mobile phone)!