Department of Economics and Finance

Head of the Department

Vladimir A. Mizyun 


Tel.: +7 (8482) 60-70-12, +7 (8482) 60-71-00

The department of Economics and Finance trains the specialists who are able to freely orientated in a variety of professional tasks with the dynamic changes.


Economics and finance of organizations

This program allows to get general professional and special economic knowledge, without which today it is impossible not only to organize your own business, but also to make a successful career in the enterprise. Enterprises of both large, medium and small businesses, as the most dynamically developing in the Russian economy, need bachelors of this profile. This circumstance determines the demand for professionals in this area of ​​the economy, their demand in the labor market.

The training program contains basic, general professional and special disciplines, as well as elective disciplines and practices that provide an opportunity to expand and deepen knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies determined by the content of the basic disciplines, and also allows students to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a graduate for the successful implementation of professional activities in the chosen profile.