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About the Department

Thanks to the system of project-based learning, the student has the opportunity to immediately immerse himself in a professional environment, participate in international projects in the field of design and art.

Even in the process of learning, a high-level digital portfolio is formed — this is exactly what will recommend the graduates of the program in a professional environment and increase their competitiveness in the labor market.

Digital Design at TAоM

Digital technologies not only brought to design the ability to use various graphic programs and platforms, but also began to actively take root in various areas of human life: in the sphere of business and entrepreneurship, creative industries. Digital design has become an integral part of our lives.

1. The «Graphic Design» profile is aimed at training specialists in the field of graphic design who own conceptual creative thinking, visual culture and professional skills in working with graphic programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro.

Professions you will master:

— Graphic Designer

— Motion Designer

— User Interface Designer

—Web designer

2. The profile «Graphics of Computer Games and Animation» is aimed at training specialists in the development of graphics and animation in game design, who own the techniques of futuristic design and professional skills in 3D / 2D using graphics programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Maya, Cinema, Blender. 

Professions you will master:

— Computer Game Designer

— 3D Generalist

— 3D-rigger

3. The «3D Design» profile is aimed at training unique 3D graphics specialists for designing and modeling design objects for various purposes, who have professional skills in working in graphic programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3Ds MAX, Maya, Blender, Autodesk Alias.

Professions you will master:

— 3D Modeller

— 3D Generalist

— 3D Designer

Design Bachelor Degree

The program is aimed at training universal specialists who are able to immerse themselves in the profession as quickly as possible and successfully integrate into the industry. Students receive not only practical design skills, but also develop systemic, conceptual thinking, and acquire creative project management skills. This program is based on practice-oriented training, obtaining skills in the field of digital design using the latest digital technologies.