Training concept

Togliatti Academy of Management is an innovative educational institution that focuses on providing modern management training with project approach based on the best world experience.

The key elements of our training approach

Basic management training

Students of all directions and specialties in the 1-2 courses are given basic management training that develops leadership and business skills, self-organization and self-determination techniques.

Fitness training

Fitness training is given a significant place in the educational process of the Academy. Due to it the psychophysical readiness of the manager is formed to act in difficult situations, to work at the limit of his abilities.


In the classroom, students often work in teams, jointly solve problems, develop projects, discuss asked questions.

The combination of work and study

Students undergo internships from the 1st year of study and begin to combine work and study from the 3rd course. Theses are developed by students on the material of their professional activities in a particular organization.

Project development

During the first two years of study at the Academy, students master the skills of project-analytical work both in the learning process and in the process of team struggle in international competitions. From the 3rd year of study, students perform tasks received from practicing teachers on the basis of their professional activities and tasks performed at workplaces.

Attraction of international experience in vocational training

The international program of the Academy gives students the opportunity to gain experience necessary for employment in international companies and further effective work. The Academy develops cooperation with foreign partners (universities and companies).

Practicing teachers

The Academy attracts practitioners who can teach the basics of mastery and how to apply their knowledge in the professional field for better mastering the disciplines by students. Such an approach to learning contributes to obtaining modern and popular skills in the market.